What Is The Space Of The Heart?


The term “space of the heart” originates from the ancient Kashmir Shaivism tradition.  Most scholars in the field of comparative religious studies agree, that Kashmir Shaivism is in fact one of the most highly sophisticated esoteric wisdom traditions on the planet. 

The famous Kashmiri Saint “Abhnivagupta” (c 950-1016AD) is recognized by many for not just being one of India’s greatest intellectuals, but one of the most brilliant writers, philosophers and aestheticians the world has ever known. He wrote extensively about the “space of the heart” in his famous writings and said that, “if the false mental constructs about ourselves are destabilized then dissolved, the heart will stand revealed in its fullness.” He described the “space of the heart” as the core reality of our being, or a domain within our own consciousness. 

There are many other names that have been used to describe this place such as: kingdom of Heaven, universal mind, the refuge, Buddha nature, unity consciousness, universal love, the mystery, awareness, presence, Tao, the Mother, etc. How it is described is not what is important. The great wisdom traditions agree, that it is your authentic ground of being that beckons for your attention and return.  

This “space of the heart” is un-capturable with words, but we all intuitively know it is there. When you are aligned, and in a deep relationship with this place, life is rich with meaning, connection, joy and freedom. 

A Yoga Unplugged collaboration - written by Jennifer Reuter, edited by Sarah Burchard