30 Ways To Practice Self-Care


Do you notice the difference in your life when you put self-care on the back burner?

As a daughter, a wife, a mother of two small children, and an active member of my community I have so much more to give when my reservoir is not depleted. Practicing daily self-care makes me smarter, more patient, more relaxed and able to be more supportive to others. 

Depriving yourself of self-care will eventually cause suffering. 

For yourself, and for those close to you. Self-care is not a selfish act. When we feel mentally and physically healthy everyone benefits.

It's like what they say when you board an airplane, "Please put your oxygen mask on first before assisting small children."

Practicing self-care is like putting your oxygen mask on first. 

It is important to take care of others, but don't forget about taking care of yourself.

I have the tendency to get temporarily stuck in the "on" position when I don't get enough self-care. As a care-giver there are times when giving your all is necessary, however being stuck here is a disservice to everyone.

If you are new to this whole self-care thing, here is some inspiration. Maybe you are already doing these things, or maybe you could try something new. Either way, make sure you do something....

30 Ways To Practice Self-Care:

  • Get a massage

  • Try acupuncture

  • Make a healthy meal

  • Drink Water throughout the day

  • Try a movement based class like yoga or pilates

  • Meditate

  • Swim

  • Turn off Screens 30 min before bed

  • Get 8 hours of sleep

  • Enjoy a social media FAST and Detox

  • Stretch before you get out of bed in the morning

  • Take a walk or go for a hike outside

  • Read a book

  • Get together with friends

  • Go to a park, museum or concert

  • Incorporate Foam Rolling or Massage Balls into your routine

  • Cuddle with your pet

  • Take a bath

  • Take a nap

  • Get a mani pedi

  • Get some sun

  • Go to a sound bath

  • Journal

  • Incorporate hot lemon water upon waking

  • Invigorate your skin with a body brush

  • Practice good oral hygiene - use a tongue scraper, try oil pulling

  • Find a way to get in nature

  • Meet with a health coach

  • Schedule some alone time

  • Book your annual physical

A Yoga Unplugged collaboration - written by Jennifer Reuter, edited by Sarah Burchard