The Yogic Sound Bath


Welcome to 2017, where we live in a highly stimulating, digital, and desk-driven world. For better or for worse, our daily accomplishments are measured by volume, speed, and efficiency. How much and how quickly of anything can you get done in a day? Although the fruits of our labor benefit society at large, the reality is that as a result, we often feel rushed, stressed, and fatigued.

Our minds and bodies do their best to keep up, but often times stress wins. We pay the price with our health and attitude—to name a few—which then correlate to what yogis called the sukshma sharira, or subtle body. The subtle body consists mainly of sensory experiences, vitality, prana (source energy), and mind. Stress is like a greasy, sticky film that coats and dampens this subtle body, making it function less than... 

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