Getting The Kinks Out With Cupping


Cupping is a method I use, during my massage sessions, to apply negative pressure to various parts the body. This technique enhances blood flow circulation in the areas that are stagnant and helps remodel myofascial tissue below the skin to generate physical change.

This negative pressure is a vacuum response, created by pumping cups on to the body. As the bound up muscle tissue and fascia gets suctioned into the cups, they unfold and release micro adhesions built up in affected areas.

I begin my sessions by warming up the muscles with hot stones, in order to give the body an opportunity to unfold in layers as we progress throughout the session. I also firmly palpate the muscles, which gives me a sense of what needs to be addressed in the body.  From the information that my client’s body gives me, I can map out what is needed in order to unwind their body.

To be truly effective, it is important to not apply more pressure. Cupping’s negative pressure application addresses the fascia, which is the connective tissue that wraps around every muscle, organ, nerve and blood vessel within the body.  When our body feels “tangled and tight," what it needs is for the fascia to be unraveled and relaxed. Cupping literally unwinds the binding factors in your fascia to give you more flexibility, a healthier skin tone, stronger tissues and a more "pain-free" body.

Cupping is an amazing way experience a deep tissue massage, without the added pressure, and with much greater benefits.   

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A Yoga Unplugged collaboration - written by Kat Michelle, edited by Sarah Burchard

Kat Michelle has been involved in the healing arts for over 22 years, starting out as a massage therapist. With all of her years studying different theories and cultural healing practices, she has created her own powerful and effective blend of modalities that she now facilitates through a source of an innate guidance. Kat’s offerings include deep therapeutic bodywork, yoga, holistic health coaching, brain training, massage and cupping. You can find Kat on Maui at: and connect with her on Instagram @discoverkatalyst.