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Meditation For Peace

  • Aloha Yoga Kula 38 Kaneohe Bay Drive Kailua, HI, 96734 United States (map)

Event updated 6/25/19

$15 at the door

Mystics & Poets Series | May-August 2019

Over the next 4 months we will cover 4 poets: Rumi, Mary Oliver, Thomas Merton and Rabindranath Tagore.

Poets have an elegant way of using language to express the sacred. Their poems have the power to trigger experiential sublime insights. You might agree that great poetry has a way of speaking directly to the heart and soul. It can spark a feeling of wholeness, to help correct the broken or dis-“eased” places that are deep inside every one of us. Poetry even has a way of radically changing views of the world and our story in it. Anything that can help us do this is valuable to the human spirit.

This Month’s Poet:

This month we will discuss and meditate on the words of Thomas Merton.

Host: Jennifer Reuter

Special Guest: Jason Eric Belair (Expressing Oneness)

Event Details:

The sounds of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs and chimes during first 1/2 of class along with:

  • Restorative and Lunar asana (all done on the back)

  • Longer Savasana or any restorative posture of your choice

Followed by:

  • Seated or reclined meditation

  • Talk on the life and teachings of Thomas Merton

To be at peace is to live in harmony with everything and everyone around you. It is total freedom from fear and resistance. But, in order to truly be at peace you have to find peace within. You may often find your outer world gets chaotic and feels out of balance. You may be trying to change your external circumstances to find peace, but find that nothing ever lasts long term. You will never find peace externally, if you are lacking it internally. 

Meditation is a tool used to cultivate inner peace.

It is a way to practice focusing on the present. It’s a practice of acknowledging any regrets you may have had about the past or worries you may have about the future, accepting them without judgement and gently letting them go. 

Sometimes in our busy lives we struggle to find the time or the “right place” to relax and sink deeply into our meditation. Group meditation can be extremely powerful in this case. Meditating as a group strengthens the mana of the practice. We support each other and remember that it is OK to “fall off” our practice, because we can always start again together. 

Meditation For Peace is a monthly gathering created for you to work on cultivating your own inner peace. It is a place suitable for anyone, whether you are just starting out, have an intermittent practice or practice daily.

$15 at the door

Learn more about the venue here: Aloha Yoga Kula - Aikahi Studio

Jason Eric Belair

Jason Eric Belair

Jason Eric Belair of 'Expressing Oneness' is an international speaker, teacher and facilitator of inner work. Blending ancient and modern modalities to realize healing of supposedly incurable disease within himself, he has dedicated his life to sharing and supporting the world to dissolve the idea of that anything is incurable. As a Licenced Unity Teacher, yoga instructor (trained by Jennifer here on Oahu), meditation and soundscape facilitator his light-hearted approach opens up the many layers of Self to allow the natural process of revitalization and expansion to unfold into demonstrable results.

Jennifer Reuter

Jennifer Reuter

Jennifer studies extensively with many different teachers finding great value in exploring every style yoga has to offer. For 10 years she formally studied deep tantric meditation and was initiated as an “acharya” and authorized teacher of Neelakantha Meditation by Blue Throat Yoga. She’s also a level 2 certified Irest yoga nidra teacher and the founder of Yoga Unplugged, a platform that brings teachers and healers together to host events and trainings. Jennifer has been leading teacher trainings and advanced yogic studies since 2009. You will find her classes, lectures and retreats “interdisciplinary” inviting both ancient and modern day tools. Her teachings are intelligent, pragmatic and always heartfelt.

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