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Meditation Immersion: The Path of Awakening

The word “awakening” is often used in a way that it sounds like an extraordinary rarified achievement. The esoteric can be alluring yet baffling and it can cause the average person to feel confused and/or stuck. But as many traditions teach, “awakening” is an “open secret” and itʻs available to everybody.

The problem is that we don’t normally perceive awakening because we are still identified with our thinking, feeling, and bodily sensations.

As Thomas Merton once said, “Life is this simple: we are living in a world that is absolutely transparent and the divine is shining through it all the time. This is not just a nice story or a fable, it is true.”

Through the practice of meditation we are able to experience this truth. Meditation teaches us that awakening is a process and that it is not necessarily “exotic ”but in fact is just the simplicity of our being.

Meditation is a practical tool and accessible to all. By learning how to quiet the mind one experiences the true meaning of “awakening,” which is the natural movement towards more well-being, bliss and connection.

This immersion is open to all levels. It will include discussion, mindfulness based asana and various techniques to help quiet the mind.

Topics include:

  • The Myths of Meditation - How to “know” when you are meditating.

  • Mysticism and Meditation - Opening the door from the narrow world of everydayness to our mystical self.

  • Meditation as “Chitta Shuddhi” - the “Purification of Consciousness”

  • Meditation as a Muscle - And how to flex it.

  • Contemplative Neuroscience - What is the brain capable of with meditation training?

  • Focused and Defocused Networks - The circuits for meditation training.

  • Vikalpa saṃskāra - Refinement and purification of ourselves.

  • Yoga Sutras - Suffering and how to overcome obstacles of the mind.

  • Samskaras—Identifying, recognizing and dissolving patterns of the mind.

  • Samskaras—Identifying, recognizing and dissolving patterns of the mind.

  • The Personal Meditation Practice - How to make it your “own.”

Practices that will be covered:


Antar Mouna (cultivating the witness)



Compassion training

Contemplative meditation and prayer


Yoga Nidra


Cultivating a "home practice"


Sunday, Aug. 18th - 12:30pm-4:30pm

Monday Aug. 19th - 5:30pm-8:30pm

Wednesday Aug. 21st - 5:30pm-8:30pm

Friday Aug. 23rd - 5:30pm-8:30pm

Saturday Aug. 24th 9:00am-2:00pm




18 Hours can be used towards 300/500 RYT Certification with Open Space Yoga.


Jennifer Reuter has been leading teacher trainings and advanced yogic studies since 2009. She is an authorized teacher of Neelakantha Meditation—a deep tantric meditation practice that works to bring about transformation, healing, and benevolence, which she has studied and practiced with Blue Throat Yoga for over a decade. During this time Jennier has logged over 1000 lifetime hours in formal silent meditation retreat settings. She is also a level-2 certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher, teaches weekly yoga nidra classes in Kailua, holds a monthly meditation meet-up group in her Kailua home and hosts a monthly event called Meditation For Peace at Aloha Yoga Kula.


Open Space Yoga - Diamond Head Studio

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