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Nutrition For The Brain
9:00 AM09:00

Nutrition For The Brain


Your mental health plays a huge role when it comes to things like managing stress effectively, maintaining a healthy weight, having loving relationships, being good at your job and being an amazing parent.

If you are not taking care of your head these areas of your life begin to get difficult. Stress can show up in the body in the form of an injury or disease, relationships are strained, your work suffers and you begin to have trouble finding joy in life itself.

This is why it is so important to keep your brain nourished and your monkey mind tamed. How? By increasing awareness, becoming more present and cultivating a variety of healthy habits.

Your brain needs time to rest and process. It also needs tasks to be simple and clear so it doesn’t get overwhelmed. Your brain makes hundreds of decisions every day that affect your quality of life. When you can adopt healthy habits, good decisions become automatic. The more you automate the more your brain is freed up to be create and experience joy.

In this workshop we will explore some of the healthy habits and basic tools you can use to keep your brain healthy and running at its fullest potential.

You will learn:

  • How to tap into your creativity.

  • How to retain what you learn.

  • How to experience more joy in your life.

  • How to create and keep healthy habits.

Some of the tools we will discuss are:

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Yoga/Mindful movement

  • Foods that fuel the brain (includes tasting of local ingredients)


Led by meditation and yoga philosophy expert––Jennifer Reuter and seasoned chef and health coach––Sarah Burchard (a.k.a. The Healthy Locavore), both from the Oahu based wellness brand––Yoga Unplugged.

Jennifer and Sarah specialize in creating events, workshops and retreats designed to teach students sustainable self-care methods that increase health and inner peace.

This workshop is for you if…

  • You wish to improve your mental health.

  • You want to develop practices that will keep your brain healthy as you age.

  • Already have wellness practices in place such as yoga, meditation or an exercise routine.

  • You suffer from mild depression and/or anxiety

  • Have trouble focusing

  • You want to be more creative

  • You want to experience more overall joy in your life

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Yoga Nidra And Sankalpa Sakti
to Apr 14

Yoga Nidra And Sankalpa Sakti

In our daily lives, we rarely experience true rest—the kind of rest that enables our bodies to restore and repair as they are meant to. Approximately 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of sleep disorder, which means that even as we sleep, we are not finding the balance our bodies need to achieve homeostasis. As we normalize stress, fatigue, and imbalance, we experience different levels of illness.

Yoga nidra or “yogic sleep,” a sleep-based meditation using breath, relaxation, and visualization, offers healing and true balance. Its effects address physical, mental, and spiritual dis-ease, and it has been used successfully to treat PTSD, addiction, and ADHD. As a yogic practice, it allows us to release deeply embedded and unconscious patterns and become more fully who we are.

This training is open to all students regardless of skill level or practice. You’ll experience firsthand the effect of yoga nidra and learn its foundations as well as how to conducts sessions for individuals and groups.


April 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13 & 14 2019
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30-8:30pm, Saturday 9-2 & Sunday 12:30-4:30

Recommended text:
Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati


This training module is $600, or $480 for Bronze members of Open Space Yoga.

Credits: All modules are open to all students regardless of experience. This training can be used towards your 300RYT hour Teacher Training Program.

Teachers: Jennifer Reuter, Mary Bastien & Brenda Kwon

Location: Open Space Yoga - Diamond Head Studio

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Relax And Roll
9:00 AM09:00

Relax And Roll

*Tickets for this event will be sold at the door*

Self-Care for the holidays - Myofascial Release + Yoga Nidra

Before the holidays get into full swing come roll and relax with Gwynn Ellicott and Jennifer Reuter.

Learn two self-care practices that you can use at home to get you through the holidays, and throughout the year to increase your overall well-being! 

Gwynn will teach us about Myofascial Release Therapy and how to use Yoga Tune-Up Balls. This helps to relieve the hidden tension in your connective tissues that are inhibiting mobility. 

Decreased mobility, stagnation and sedentary conditions can increase risk for injuries, and the circulation and communication networks of the body can become compromised, which leads to more fatigue and dullness. 

Working with Myofascial Release increases mobility, circulation and increases energy. 

Jennifer will then teach us about the powerful lying down meditational practice of Yoga Nidra. This practice not only recharges the body and mind but has been shown to increase dopamine by 65%. Dopamine is one of the central power-drivers for all of the work your brain does. From memory to learning, to being motivated, paying attention and being HAPPY. Yoga Nidra creates bliss for your brain. 

Price: $20

Event details:

9:00-9:15am: Introduction to Myofascial Release

9:15-9:45am: Practice using Yoga Tune-Up Balls

9:45-10:30am: Yoga Nidra + Gratitude Practice

10:30am: Stick around for a healthy snack provided by Mid-Pacific Country Club


 This event is a collaboration between Yoga Unplugged team member Jennifer Reuter & Gwynn Ellicot from Kailua Fitness.

About Gwynn:

Gwynn has over 25 years in the health and fitness Industry. Her background ranges from directing high end Spa Retreats, to owning and operating one of Kailua’s first fitness centers in 1997, Kailua Fitness, Inc. In 2006 the club was sold and Gwynn began to focus more on her personal training business. She offered her services to Mid Pacific Country Club, and proposed a plan to help build a fitness center there and teach various classes and offer personal training to the members of MPCC. Her company, Kailua Fitness, now assists many clients all around the community. Gwynn has a passion for working with people and watching the outcome of the hard work they put in. She brings a dynamic element to our events.

Jennifer Reuter

Jennifer Reuter

Gwynn Ellicot

Gwynn Ellicot

To learn more about the venue visit: Mid-Pacific Country Club

Tickets for this event will be sold at the door. To secure your space email Jennifer.

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Shadow & Light: An Afternoon Of Rewarding Self-Care
10:45 AM10:45

Shadow & Light: An Afternoon Of Rewarding Self-Care

Yoga, Meditation & Sound Bath + Lunch at Fete

It is our belief, that every one of us hold both shadow and light. 

Soften the “armor” that has built up around your body.

Open up your body so you can shine a light on some of the shadows you may have. These shadows can be unconscious thought patterns and/or positive things about yourself, that you haven’t fully embraced yet.

This practice will celebrate the light that is already present, and possibly even highlight the forgotten, dormant shadows that are overlooked

Sarah’s asana practice will focus on opening up the heart and shoulders with backbends, hip openers and grounding postures that activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

From there, you will be invited to lay back, as Jennifer guides you through a nourishing yoga nidra meditation practice and sound bath using Tibetan singing bowls.

Immediately following the event we will walk across the street to Fete where, local chef and fellow yogi, Robynne Mai’i will prepare us a simple, yet elegant lunch prepared with local ingredients.

Asana led by Sarah McTee

Yoga Nidra & Tibetan Bowls by Jennifer Reuter

Ticket options:

Full event 10:45-1:30pm – $45

Yoga only (no lunch) 10:45-12:15pm – $25

Tickets can be purchased here

(Search for Shadow & Light – either with or with out lunch, under the “Workshops” tab)

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