Do you need to relax, recharge and get re-inspired?


In order to be your best self, you must occasionally unplug and reconnect.

But first you need the right tools… 


yoga hawaii

We offer a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy, for students who want less of a "work out" and more of a spiritual practice.


meditation hawaii

What if you could practice meditation, without the distractions of your busy life, and re-enter the "real world" with a more calm and centered mind?


sound baths hawaii

Take a break from your daily routine with a rejuvenating sound bath. Sound has the ability to transport you into a state of bliss and balance. 


Jennifer Reuter yoga

Our Mission


We take a deep, holistic approach to wellness, by providing you with ancient and modern wisdom and tools, that support your mind, body and spirit.

We believe, that in order to thrive, you must occasionally unplug from external influences and reconnect with your true self.


What’s with the monkey?

The story of hanuman (the leaping monkey, for all you non-yogis out there) represents devotion and faith. Our vision to break down walls and collaborate with the best teachers, studios and retreat centers around the world, offering all forms of yoga and wellness on one platform, is an idea that has been abstract and seemingly impossible from the beginning. Our faith in this brand and devotion to the practice of yoga is what drives us, and gives us the power to keep going.

The symbolism behind our logo represents the leap that we are taking and will continue to take for years to come.