"Meditation for peace with Jennifer is nothing short of magical. Whether you're a spiritual warrior looking to raise the vibration of the planet or a stressed soul looking for serenity, you'll be in the right place. The sound bath will transport you, in and out of your body, and leave you feeling rejuvenated and realigned." - Sara H.

"Having never attended a yoga retreat before, I was pleasantly surprised by just the right balance of private time, yoga, meditation, delicious food and camaraderie. I found it to be a pressure free environment for introverts, and had a socially pleasant mix of people from all walks of life and ages, with a shared desire to rejuvenate. For me, the retreat was a nice change in that I was able to meet and connect with others beyond my normal solitary experience of yoga class, without feeling like I had to be “on” the whole time. Everyone respected each other’s boundaries and private time." - Lynda P.

meditation group hawaii
"Joining the Neelakantha Meditation Group provided a nice boost to my otherwise sporadic meditation practice. Jennifer's deep knowledge and experience,  coupled with her gentle, supportive spirit creates a warm, yet solid, learning environment. The periodic group meetings are always enlightening and supportive." - Loke S.

“On this retreat (Maui in May), the yoga classes were thorough. They weren’t necessarily challenging, but the intent was genuine and heart-felt. The setting was lovely, private and safe. It was well-balanced and in depth, but not demanding or difficult. Now that the retreat is over I feel rested, recharged and actually excited to go home in a good way. I am inspired and feel like I have a clean slate.” - Mary L.

"Every class seems to have something new and inspirational. Having started my yoga practice about 4 years ago, I was encouraged to take Jennifer's hip, shoulder and back class which totally opened my eyes to deeper techniques for coping with my physical limitations and living life with improved mobility and less pain.  Jen's meditation/yoga nidra sound baths are out of this world and must be experienced." - Douglas R.

meditation group hawaii
"Studying with Jennifer has been one of the most transformative gifts I have ever received in my life. Her ability to meet people where they are at to offer teachings, perspectives and practices in the most approachable yet profound ways is something that is desperately needed on the planet and in our minds and our hearts. I highly recommend connecting with Jennifer regardless of where you find yourself along your path" - Sara W.